Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

In five steps that can be taken at any time (sooner than later is best) and in those five steps you will have cleaned the environment (jobs for years) Building small assembly plants across America for erecting the CHEST, that’s just more jobs for the people.

A complete restructure from within of electrical companies there would no layoffs, instead more openings and growing in a different direction without missing a beat, adding more personal and using more people with the educations they’re are not currently using.

Coal mines could now be turned into a molding plants and flourish employing more than they may be able to, building and designing molds, as talked about in the new designs for nearly indestructible yet beautiful ultra-modern voice-controlled homes, made with the products we currently have an abundance of is a blessing.

Extrusions for the same designs can be done at steel plants and the demand for new homes would create its own need for growth and development, together with the molds and extrusions all marked like building blocks a to a, and b to b, you get it, they would even have shutters that close during storms and make your home like a dot on the map without the shingles and debris etc.

These types of building I pictured on the moon when I was in sixth grade as it shows in one of my drawings, powered by the chest it could be anywhere and always have power, and the electric companies would still be drawing payments and servicing each and every machine no matter where! Creating more opportunities than ever before all this brought together in harmony between the industrial and technical age.

We will still need electricity only in a different way, I believe electricity if channeled properly as it is in its natural state would if directed to push exciters, I would think at an extremely high rate of speed.

A natural setting could be created with just simple positive and negative polls; however, you could manufacture lightning in a bottle (metaphorically speaking) to use as propulsion and be able to direct the flow as needed. (Thinking outload here) or, just use the chest for electricity.

A share of the wealth is a real plan where privatized healthcare plans will flourish and eventually through need will have to consolidate to handle the load, still privatized yet it can cover everyone without socialism or communism such as we may be headed for and if not now then perhaps in the future.

This program would be untouchable, paying insane taxes to eliminate our government debt, allowing people to not have to worry about a major problem that haunts them like health care.

This program A Share of the wealth is the most flattering form of capitalism ever created, A mostly automated system, and a real stimulator, and a new way more time to educate our youth to the stars and our oceans.

I also felt that the CHEST would allow colonization possibilities on other planets, and again moving along into the future, endless possibilities for employment for everyone, hope that there’s more work out there other than just working for the government.

The government has a long list of failures and have proven themselves to be way less than trustworthy, they’re so busy fighting with each other that they have no concept of true reality, and this type of program will be very scary for them because it will mean losing their control over us.

So, now you get a glimpse of my future wishes, and see the connections between my four steps to a better future, each one complements the other, absolutely no threat to anyone other than those that are not allies in this world.

You could eventually share this with the world, and that by itself creates a whole different situation, remember there’s a solution for everything, that is, if you find it before you start; looking for the solution afterwards can be done, but it’s often times painful for those concerned.

Here’s a good idea while I am writing this, why not make retractable unobtrusive long magnetic spider like legs to make a simple docking easy, you line it up, the legs act as a cushion stop and alignment at the same time, I’ll draw it up if you want the ideas in my head.

 Currently we have

Currently we have

 The laser cannons

The laser cannons