Note from author

Do you know what makes me angry? Watching our government fight over our tax dollars, and that’s just one thing that angers me. Once you realize what I know to be true, you’ll be just as angry as me. Here’s my list; (make your own)

Failure: Nuclear waste, our planets destruction, leadership our countries destruction, giving our tax dollars to an enemy country for a product that can kill people, without first looking for a cure is committing murder and treason, they work in straight lines (party lines) and whatever they create has no solution, (pan-demic) is one of the three mentioned, and I have at least 26 more failures to add to this list. These are our wasted tax dollars being spent for years, and now they want to borrow our way out of debt and trouble, I don’t think so, and there are better ways to make a better America without their help.

Waste: Take a look at the tax dollars that were spent trying to get one man out of office, why? I didn’t want my taxes spent for that, what did they do for three years to earn a salary? Overseas spending it’s almost out of control, and how many millions of dollars of equipment has been left overseas???? I can go on and on, I just can’t see where this is a benefit to anyone.

Stupidity: Folk’s Please, read and listen and wake the f**k up! Everything is about control and power; it is literally us against our government.

We all are deplorable, it’s just nice to have someone say they care, so much, and all they want is your vote, so they can do so little for so much. (lies)

This is a pattern, where they stay up there for years doing nothing and getting everything, if you don’t believe me, ask your senator for a report card and find out if you got your monies worth for thirty years or even two.

Greed: Everyone may go into Washington with good intentions, but it isn’t long before getting wealthy supersedes their oaths and promises.

They become the Quid-Pro-Quo professionals, they’ll do whatever it takes to stay in power, to hell with the office and all of us.

Leadership: When people do not have the grace, dignity and professional decorum to respect our constitution, our laws and leadership, they no longer serve us, but themselves.

How obvious, all you have to do is follow the money, the millionaires, the wanna-be’s, and then thankfully, there are those that love our country enough on both sides that hold a delicate young country in balance.

There are a few that are only hell-bent on destruction, like, hurrah for me and to hell with everyone else, I made it here and I am enjoying the view.


They are counting on you doing nothing more than you’ve done in the past, take the back seat and let them do as they please. (They know this) they do studies and they depend on you doing nothing, and that’s why we are considered fools, stupid, deplorable, pick your own name.

They’re anything but leaders or examples for our children to follow. We want people that are for us, representing us and our needs and letting us know of any accomplishments. Hello!

Embarrassment: I would say this: If you are not for us then you are against us and an embarrassment to our trust, if your oath in office is not sacred than neither is your word to us and therefore our embarrassment again.

You offer zero hope to our future if there is no Capitalism, therefore we have no further need of your services such as they are. You’re Fired!    

Of course, I am speaking of our government, who is trying to lead this country instead of following our lead, along the way we switched roles and it’s not working.

We have become the helpers instead of the lifeblood of this country, and I am not talking politics, but we have allowed ourselves to become politized and our voices have been silenced.

What we want and what we need has become irrelevant, and so I don’t have a tag like, independent, democratic, republican, liberal, c’mon you know the list.

My tag is “American,” I am you, and you are me, and together we are the one’s getting up and working daylight to dark and paying with our lives for all those tax dollars they waste so easily.

I cannot even count the number of times I have heard government debt is out of control, and for whatever reason, they seem to believe that everything we have been taught is not true, that you can, borrow your way out of debt. (stupidity)

This is a sham, they may have meant well going in, but they emerge different on the other side. They go in pickers and come out millionaires, how much time do you think they spend actually working for you? (leadership) (greed) (waste)

We had one leader who used his Presidential platform for his personal sex exploits, his perversion was passed on to us through the military, our schools and our own personal life and all because of his guilt, or sexual freedom who cares.

We had one leader who was destroying our infrastructure from within our united states to create the start of a socialist form of governing, I am not really certain how much time was spent keeping even one promise made to get their office. (waste)(embarrassment)(greed)(leadership)(failure)

What has it been now 10 or 12 years our government has been fighting over a socialized insurance, we don’t need that! We need each other and more now than ever before. 

It wasn’t that long ago we were on the same path, but with their greed and our stupidity, we have gotten lost as a people and strayed from our path.

In 1992 I created a business model called (Share the Wealth) and not one political figure wanted to hear about it, and why? Because it’s for us, you, all of you, it’s a transparent business that can transform our lives.

This business model has everything you have ever wanted to see in this country, the only difference is that now you are the owners, whatever is bought or sold from a screw to a high-rise, we all benefit!

There are only two things that keep this from existence, money and set-up time, and that’s why I am giving this to America, you should know everything since there is nothing to hide.

These are the only two things that I can find wrong with this model, one is that it takes a great deal of set-up in the beginning, and second a great deal of money to allow the spending time to catch up with the initial investment.

Every last person will benefit from “A Share of the Wealth,” this is an economy stimulator without inflation and a more constant flow of cash, the government isn’t a factor unless they continue to borrow from us, using our tax dollars to play games with our lives like lying about raising gas cost for no reason other than to get more money from us.

However, ASTOB levels the playing field from the lowest to highest or poorest to the richest, if you like, will prosper and choices will have to be made like work or don’t work, but this is a working persons business and could be considered as an investment into everyone’s future, it therefore urges people to work

The most obvious reasons for this model were to provide pre-paid 100% healthcare for the member w/o/pec’s, (PRE-existing conditions) also to provide the member with the ability to have a well-funded retirement and some extra pocket money for a change, along with other wonderful benefits.

Considering another failure by our government stealing our social security without our knowledge, again, they spend as though there’s no bottom, what’s a billion or a trillion to someone who has an open check book???

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot borrow, borrow, borrow and without retribution, make up a cause, fund it with our tax dollars and stick their noses up at the little people, namely us, and keep taking and moving on without any guilt.

Here is just another example of waste, billions of dollars to leave equipment, a new embassy and a temporary embassy, and then try and borrow trillions of dollars for no reason what so ever, (infrastructure, yeah right!)

And it’s nothing just another 100 billion in equipment left behind in Afghanistan, another trillion or two for 20 years of nothing, and why weren’t our fellow Americans who gave their lives mentioned before all else?? (Follow the money)

Meanwhile, back in the office they want to borrow more trillions to rebuild what they couldn’t with the funds they spent already overseas, there doesn’t seem to be any real intelligence in Washington just a lot of arrogant cash cows.

Another reason for A Share of the Wealth, to balance out our economy and to have a serious voice in Washington,  at the same time watching where our tax dollars are actually going, with every single member potentially receiving up to $1200 dollars in the “incidental cash benefits” section, which is one of our benefits, then we will have a voice.

A loud voice!

Oh! And don’t think for a moment we are against big business, this is the ultimate in Capitalism and democracy, the ability to make as much as the government and instead of buying $2600 dollar chairs or fund a debacle overseas, we continue to grow and provide a badly needed commodity to America, CASH!

Cash talks, and bullshit walks!

This business model should have been implemented 100 years ago; it leads to a much brighter future than is currently offered, a few extra dollars in a person’s pocket makes them feel better about themselves.

A business that behooves everyone to work together, and why? Because everyone can now be considered a potential investor, and you never bite the hand that feeds you, unless you are one of those that belongs in another category previously mentioned. LOL

Either way the interaction between big business and little business, and the end user (us)is we are all on the same page for a change.

Finally, an incentive-built business that wants and helps each business to flourish regardless of its size, we can actually turn jealousy into desire, and we can take tags off of products and pay full price for a quality product.

Afterall, if you flourish, we all flourish, regardless of the product, the business you frequent, or in large purchases that are made with less frequency such houses or businesses etc.

We now have a reason to be honest and respectful to each other since you do not benefit more than the next person, the only difference is in the incomes, and as to who does more gets more just like now.

This business model is an incentive program with invisible boundaries allowing you to buy in or out of the business system, I would always like to use a business that has “A Share of the Wealth” as a benefit, but I also want to go shopping where I feel like too.

As you can see not every business in America is going to be part of this business system at first, none the less they too will benefit too, there is always a balance to be reached when your intentions are good and honest.

One example will be the Privatized Healthcare, Insurance was never meant to be complicated for the end user, it has just become something else, it doesn’t have to be as expensive since it’s only a numbers game.

In a working style business like this, let’s hypothetically say we have 70 million members under one healthcare plan, and since everyone that is working needs to be working, we who work will be paying for those that cannot.

That’s the honest answer, but in reality, because we have such a large group, it is feasible to bring prices down low enough that even the elderly will be able to afford it, if not free, and a prescription drug program second to none.

Another benefit that has been given a lot of research and back checks to be able to say prescriptions nearly free, but more as we go on and you can see the entire “program” if you will.

Every last thing I do is to make a better place to live and to leave, but I think in circles, so there is always a solution before the problem, or they are completed together so you can see the beginning and the end before you decide.

This business is also an Automatic business, we are all the heads of the same business with the same goal in mind, every transaction creates a deposit that we can all see.

Based entirely upon checks and balances, and if they are done right the starting and ending point at the end of each month should be $0.00, every transaction creates a balance that is divided equally as aforementioned and your portion is deposited into your zoned bank account.

Your membership fee is used to buy more and more businesses, expand and to run the administrative portion.

Another point while it’s on my mind, I did say this business is transparent and I should have included brutally honest also, I’m old, not the kind of time I want to waste debating a point.

This business needs to be ran by a Family or a group of like-minded people, this business is really by the people, and for the people, and about the people!

And, if my math is right and it usually is, with the amount of membership and all of the spending, there is still a lot of extra funds available to be earmarked for emergency funds, similar to the doctors fund I created in here.

Some doctors are not treated the same as others, and they do accumulate more debt than most, therefore we will fund a doctor’s fund or foundation if you will that only they can access, hopefully to help keep cost down and to show our appreciation for their dedication.

We will fund several small foundations with our business over flow, by the law right now you can only receive up to $14000 as a gift per year, that’s where the $1200 a month came from.

This is also a business model that does not tolerate misuse or abuse, and to make that even easier to understand, you are allowed two entries in five years, so before you join, if asked, make certain you’re going to stay working there. It’s the exact reason this was meant to go through the employer.

Example: The Employer can control the buying and selling of a benefit package to their new hires, now, the probation period here is a mutual decision, each are both looking at each other for the same reasons.

Can we get along, do we have mutual interest to see that business grow or is there no hope and therefore move on and not sign up, and after one year of successful employment, the employer can offer the program to you for what he paid, and hopefully before the open enrollment period giving you time to enroll the membership you were just given.

You would now be the owner of the benefit program until you no longer received paychecks from that particular employer, if you worked long enough, and you leave and were given the membership you will have a time frame (sixty days) to find another employer.  

The employer maintains the rights of the programs while you’re an employee or until he signs them over, until then you would be considered a co-owner, you would now be receiving healthcare through “A Share of the Wealth” and the employer can drop you out of any other enrollments you are in saving him money as well.

As you walk through this business model it truly is hard to find a fault, some will always find something they don’t like, but that’s not a fault, it’s just a personal issue.

The only reason this business was created was to show a way to have low-cost healthcare pre-paid and prescription drugs cost way down, plus a simplified self-funded retirement program and hopefully all by incidental cash benefits.

The vision has included much more than just a few benefits like the aforementioned, this business will allow us to take care of ourselves and stand tall like we were meant to.

You will see a diagram within that I designed for you all to understand how this whole business works, but we have several freedoms with our own business model, new ideas are welcomed where we can add or delete any benefit.

Everyone’s opinion matters, as long as the idea or contribution meets some very simple requirements, is it for everyone? Is it honest? Is it one of a kind? There is no foolishness here.  

Just the one single part of “A Share of the Wealth’s business plan is called inventors corner, it’s just a street corner name in the diagram, but my love and passion in life.

In one example: The Work Factory, it has a very strict set of rules. (Explained later) you can come in homeless, helpless or your last resort, and you may have been a clerk coming in, but you may leave as a chef or contractor, or whatever, a contribution to the country, society and mostly to themselves.

The work factory.

This factory will be the jumping off point to every homeless and helpless individual on the streets today, this factory will produce far more that people seeking a new life.

In the business format ASOTW has four distinct business corners, all serving the same to you and me and everyone else incidentally, by using income and growth we will become a force to be reckoned with for certain.

I have a larger manuscript that goes into more detail along with pictures and schematics and 3d drawings of the original four ideas/inventions as well as a complete and full explanation for each and every segment.

Each of the four areas within ASOTW are meant to be a compliment to each other, and all these areas are a solution to one or more of our current problems, and now they all work themselves out with cash as the reward for us all.

These four corners are as follows: inventors’ corner, brick and mortar corner, In-home business corner and administrative corner, also called the new business corner.

Based solely on the fact you have to have a job to be part of the solution, and you are now contributing to society, you are encouraged to understand your position as a potential owner of ASOTW.

Now, you are more than just an employee you are also a business owner, ASTOW is far more than a few extra incidental bucks, but now a vital part of society and your resume.

By only spending up to 50% of your income within ASOTW you continue to qualify as a potential owner, and each card activated will be stamped with date and time of enrollment.

I said from the beginning I am brutally honest, and I still find this the most wonderful and exciting idea of our time, for the first time in History, a business for the people.

And instead of it threatening big business or small you are now part of the whole and therefore, no threat to anyone! In fact, you’re now helping each other grow directly or otherwise.

Once an owner, you are truly a part of the solution, and every little thing we do will have an impact on everyone else, the irony of it is, there will still be people members that will want to fight, mostly out of jealousy, that they didn’t think of this first.   

And that’s okay, again I’ll say it, this is a business for us the people, as the business prospers, so do we as a whole, and again everything in ASTOW is ours and completely transparent.

There will be no hidden numbers that can’t be back-checked by each and every owner if they choose, no hidden agendas, and greed and power can never take control, this is completely unified within to make everything work for everyone.

 Another strong attribute is, that the business account that holds all of our distribution wealth starts at zero and ends in zero each and every month, whatever comes in goes out too us, this is no savings account here just our tax dollars working for us for the first time ever.

The annual memberships will be used to fund our agenda, this should be the only taxable money, the rest will go into cover all of the administrative overhead and purchases to expand our business.

In the brick-and-mortar section this is where all of the businesses are coming from for us to shop in, either a business we purchase outright or one that has taken the obligation to join ASTOW and has no problems with the purchase percentage.

The brick-and-mortar businesses will include all of the current type shops or stores such as grocery, real-estate, automobiles, fast food and you know the list, every purchase made will be at least 10% into the pot and if we own it then 100% will go into the pot.

Either way the numbers always work, there will be more than is needed at the end of each month, that overflow will go into a foundation to fund emergencies, and even down to the smallest of needs (so to speak) like helping someone to get established if the funds allow.

In-home businesses can be almost anything from binary marketing plans to vacuum sweepers, we will have a captured market of 5 to 25 million members in each zone so marketing products will now become a legitimate paying job.

I never liked those type plans because the top made all the money, but now we are the top and all that money will now go into ASTOW for distribution, if for that alone I would want to be part of this, imagine finally getting paid for a change from multi-level marketing scheme.

Administrative, well they are the one’s that will locate new businesses to buy or have join us adding to more places to shop, and they will handle all of the enrollments and the other parts where most don’t like to go into, like checks and balances, coordination with our banks, fiduciaries, accountants to name a few.

Our monies will flow in from all areas of ASTOW and be distributed accordingly for our benefit, and hopefully enough money to invest into the other four areas I am putting into ASTOW as the first business money making ideas.

I have four distinct areas targeted for change or completion, all four areas will produce mega bucks, the first, an invention of mine not quite finished I called the CHEST or Complete Hydro-Electric sustainable Technology an electrical generator that runs on water without a fossil fuel.

I built the first prototype in my garage, it ran for thirty seconds and burned up the secondary motor, it wasn’t a failure, it allowed me to see my weaknesses, it’s not completed due to lack of funds.

The problem with inventing is that you have to rely on standard off the shelf equipment, often it works with your ideas, but more often it doesn’t, I am giving this to us as well.

I also have a backup plan if it isn’t going to work as designed, so again a solution instead of a waste of money, my philosophy is simple as an inventor, it’s not impossible it’s an opportunity.

Another area or idea is called Octotron a ocean going submersible that would have to be built by every single country that eats fish, an opportunity to create and atmosphere of unity across the globe.

Every country working for the same goal (Save or Oceans) each in-turn building a portion of the vessel to be assembled at a pre-determined location, imagine up to 5000 scientist, research and development people all working specifically for the same goal replenishing our oceans and water ways.

Yet another problem to solve, trash, my cannon system is designed to eliminate all the trash in the world without pollution, we could take back all of our landfills retuning them to salable land, a fifteen-billion-dollar business all going into our fund.

Then finally for now a very new style of construction, bi-products of oil, gas, coal, steel and concrete.

This is a biggy, what if we do produce non fossil fuel systems?  Oil, gas and coal appear in jeopardy, not with us, we are the thinkers and the doers and I say it’s an opportunity to create a new style of house that can not be destroyed so easily.

Imagine, the future electronic home made from the very same products that appeared in jeopardy, are now going to be used to make a polymer to spray on or extrude from to build futuristic homes.

You’ll see in my book that follows.

These five areas are the ones I am addressing and sharing with you, none of which came from the government, just my head and it is a busy place, but we can save our own country without the political drama, or intervention.

We don’t have to lie cheat or steal to get what we want, a little money left in our pockets at the end of the day, an opportunity to take better care of our families and to belong to something bigger than yourself, something wonderful we can leave our children and so on.