Inventors Corner;

Inventors Corner;

I am obviously partial to this one since I am a novice inventor, but imagine finding or inventing let’s say Tessla for example how much would be contributed into all three pods. Staggering right?

There are other invention companies out there, but it will cost you an arm a leg and who knows what else, whereas at a Share of the Wealth or inventors corner a voluntary board will meet with each and every person with an idea that’s willing to trust and share with us, we don’t want to steal we want to produce results.

Again, there is no greed here, we are not feeding an ego it’s a bunch of business men who probably can’t even draw, but they have a keen eye for making money, and since all of the profits go into the pod, it behooves us to make every idea into an invention if the merit is there.

The inventor will reap many financial rewards from the sale, while a share of the wealth gets its production monies back and a percentage of the actual invention that again goes directly into the pot, plus there will be residuals from that invention that will also contribute to the end result.

In this corner there will also be several businesses of various natures start up from within and help so many others, this artsy fartsy corner will look for a section of town that is not being used for much, it will be turned into a place to help people get back on their feet with a hand up and not a hand out.

Every single person that wants a place to sleep and a meal to eat will work for it or go hungry and be forced to move on, there is no room for lazy shiftless people that just want handouts.

This will be a place where these individuals can share their knowledge and be helped to turn their lives around, we too can take in old vehicles, boats, motorcycles whatever can be rebuilt like new and sold for a profit that goes into the pot, or just use your imagination to create something new.

We are not wanting to compete with others we are just trying to offer a trade to those that want it, and experience is the best teacher, it’s also what an employer is looking for.

There are so many people with a talent they can teach others and as long as it is a talent that can be used and taken away for purposes of getting a job, we will be successful.

There are many homeless and unemployed and each with some work experience that can be taught to others, so, many small trade schools can be launched like heating and a/c mechanics, carpenters, cooks, etc. etc. etc. Each of these small personal trade schools will be there to serve the corner first.

After all we might be training a cook or baker or even a metal worker who forges knives, there really is no limit to this area, but before they can go out in public, they’ll have shown their stuff every day until it looks like we can tell an employer their really talented, hence a hand up and not a hand out.

To take it even further, there would be clothing drop of off locations, and with those clothes we’ll want some real talent individuals that have always wanted to design clothes, and then tear them up and remake the clothes into something new, a whole new style, again something marketable that feeds the pot.

They get the experience, they may even create a brand for the shelves, here we have helped individuals with perhaps a dream and everyone benefits again, I find it hard to disagree with this program since it is only about you.

These are not paying positions there learning and training positions, a place to build confidence and eventually move on, of course there will be rooms, food and clothing for those in training, and everything will be run by those that are serious about getting back on their feet. This isn’t a hand out.

If there is 300 million people in America and only about ten percent is paying the way for others that needs to stop, we all need to work and contribute, work is not a dirty word, it’s a necessity to build on for tomorrow, today takes care of itself since we are here, but even though tomorrow is promised to no one we have to plan for it, and if you can tell someone that you have been living in the woods for the past five years, we your resume won’t look to appealing to many employers.

I had a worthless step-father who worked as little as possible, maybe three months out of a whole year, he was a taker, a blood sucker that would allow my mom to work 6 and 7 days a week to satisfy his taste for alcohol. I can say I never had a once of respect for that man, and never even attended his funeral.

I see the people on the corner looking for handouts, and for the ones that really need it I would like to help, but the others over-shadow them and you can’t pick them apart.

They believe I think that we owe them a living and I say Bull—- to that, if they want a hand out then wash my car or rake my yard, standing on the corner with a piece of cardboard is not working for me.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I would like to believe, that I have taken as many of our immediate needs as possible in this program, have I missed something, maybe, but like everything there is always room for improvement.

Besides I have driven the streets of Jacksonville Fl. For example, there were many abandoned buildings that still have good bones, they can be converted by the people that occupy them quite easily, sleeping and eating in a home type setting is far better than sleeping and eating in a tent.

This not a soup kitchen, you have to quality to get in and graduate to leave, there are no locks to keep you in, once you choose to leave before you graduate you are not welcome back, the disruption and the precedence could easily be set to a hotel setting and that is not acceptable.

Within the confines of the school, we will hopefully be able expand everyone’s knowledge base, confidence and personal training, and with daily seminars that are targeted for that one purpose, and to be dedicated to their return to society as a fruitful citizen and tax payers. (a hand up, not a hand out)

This corner will have it all as far as new ideas and opportunities, and hopefully these individuals that may not have been able to show their ability due to lack of funds or interest, they will now be able to showcase their ideas in front of all their peers.

The old adage is to throw enough cold water on something and if it survives you might have something, even my own inventions and ideas will be included into the pot, this entire program is designed to be self-sufficient and self-funded.

This is not a government facility and the words prejudice or discrimination are not allowed, they will be left at the door, there will be no black or white matters, no politics or fighting, this place is not about you it’s about the whole and you’ll just have to get over yourself, everyone’s there for the same purpose.

 Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

 Currently we have

Currently we have

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The laser cannons