We are going to cover five specific areas with my ideas, ideas inventions, inventions ideas, what are they? They’re all the same to me, but if it’s not at least on paper and there are no specifics it’s an idea, and an invention is something with substance, such as a drawing that reaches its conclusion, but that’s how I see it.

I have been to several invention clubs that pop up from time to time, places where people go to share their ideas if they so choose, well when I get an idea, I get it all, the drawings, schematics as needed, along with a set of instructions.

Others I meet at these gatherings have wonderful ideas but either they have no drawing ability, or even worse no concept of how to build it, yet they act like they know it all, I know it’s because they’re not sure of themselves and they’re also afraid someone might poke fun at them.

I have actually had people come to my home to show me their invention just to get my opinion, they walk in without a plan, a piece of paper, or an idea of how to build it they just have a thought.

I take the time to listen, only to find out they came to me so I could build it for them, draw their idea out so that others can see what their thinking, Hello! I do not profess to be a smart man, but the truth is I am not able to help and still have time for my own, and the ones I did help have never been back.

A Share of the wealth is a very complexed program, but that’s where we are going to start at, if you get bored reading and fall asleep, don’t worry you can always start again.


Here it is 2020 and I have held on to these ideas or inventions for too many years waiting and looking for some honest investors, men or woman that don’t get so greedy after they find out that my plans really work, or how much it might cost.
Our Country that has led the industrial age and now is trying to lead the world in the age of technology, but even it is floundering and not just from the political fallout that has transpired, but from the lack of insight into our future.
When you watch and listen to our world in such a race to nowhere, it isn’t about what we need, it has become a platform for mediocracy in as much as they are more worried about their pride than the fall they are representing.

When you watch and listen to our world in such a race to nowhere, it isn’t about what we need, it has become a platform for mediocracy in as much as they are more worried about their pride than the fall they are representing.
This is not a political book, but it has to be mentioned when our leaders are not about growth or our children’s future, it is about their status, and as a hard-working American I have to tell these Washington fools that are educated, they just have no common sense or practical intelligence, after all it takes intelligence to make intelligent decisions right?

I believe that is where our country and especially our government has dropped the ball in a big way, they of course feel they have the brightest minds that world has to offer, but I have found much smarter people in my day-to-day experience that could really benefit our futures, but for blemishes on their records they will never be heard from in the government halls.

There is no platform for individuals to bring ideas or inventions to without being molested by those that have no ideas, yet have money somehow, but their greed will not allow them to use the word “share” or be part of something bigger than themselves.

I have realized I will never be able to bring these ideas to light from having tried to many times and in the end the one with the money wins, therefore I am sharing these ideas with the world and let the chips fall as they may.

These ideas I am sharing with the world for the first time publicly are meant to stabilize our economy, bring the world together as one and finally clean up our beautiful planet and much more.

I have shared ideas with supposed investors who have seen my ideas work, but they just have a need to take over and control, be in charge and lose the entire reason for the invention and I find it distracting and discouraging.

These ideas were meant to be used, to be made available immediately, with the world, and make it a better place to live in, provide futures for our children and their children to come, and my experiences to date have only shown the true side of man, the greed, the need to control, take charge and as I have found so far becomes a waste of time and money.

The following ideas you are about to read about have come directly out of my head, you can decide for yourselves after seeing them if I tell the truth or if I am just another dreamer, the problem is they work so I can’t be just another crackpot.

Finally, if you are a “in the box person” like most that I meet, you will never understand what you’re looking at, while others with their eyes upon to the future will be amazed at how harmonizing these projects would work together.

Each one of these steps was made for the other, together they form a more perfect union (so to speak) where every last person on the planet benefits, try saying that!

If it’s your goal to be the next superpower of the world, this would be my choice of directions, the map is laid out, the directions are here, and all but the length of time it would take someone else to complete the setup is in this manuscript.

Sooner than later is best

In five steps that can be taken at any time (sooner than later is best) and in those five steps you will have cleaned the environment (jobs for years) Building small assembly plants across America

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Currently we have

1. A share of the wealth an economic stimulus plan that can last as long as you want, 2. a processing plant to eliminate all of the world’s trash, 3. a ship to clean the

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The laser cannons

This goes back to 1976 when I visited California for the first time, keep this in mind while reading, I am a small-town boy raised in the country where life was tough, a book I

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To introduce my next invention

, I must first say something I don’t mind repeating once in a while and that is, I believe I am a problem solver and when the headlines read polar ice caps melting, greenhouse gasses

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How do we bring the world together on a level playing field?

Not that difficult really just find a common interest, the one that brings them to the table leads the way to the future, and because it’s not government (but subsidized) as needed, therefore no threat

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I leave you with a few things I have learned in my walk-through life, good things often come by, but something like this type of business model…. rarely if ever comes by. (I’ve never seen one before)

There were to many times in my life where just an extra $100.00 would make the difference in a month, this buying club if you will, can be that missing link in our lives, no more bargains, discounts, or price reductions on products, to be frank it would be to our advantage to pay full price for a change.

These incidental cash benefits can be used for whatever you may need since it’s a disposable income over and above your current incomes, as you can or should see that this program is not meant to be a source of income, it’s meant to be used to pay for healthcare and any leftover can be used for retirement, college funding, or whatever the need may be.

There’s an example of how our government has failed us (social security funds) our savings account being spent without our knowledge, makes you wonder about the rest of our “government spending guidelines” If they will steel from our saving, what else are they’re capable of???

If there is a monthly cash benefit the amount will be decided completely by you the people, and of course incidental cash benefits is only one of the benefits. This has to be more than just a regular benefit program; therefore, we can add more as we go.

Every benefit in this program is unique such as Private airline travel for less than commercial flights, healthcare that has no co-pay or deductibles and covers 100% of the benefit holder, prescription drugs at a very low price and incidental cash benefits that’s designed mostly to pay for your healthcare, and other benefits to be disclosed. 

Below are some pictures of the original engineered parts plus the original explanation of its function, and the loading from my garage to go to another location for start-up.

Complete Hydro-Electric Sustainable Technology

  1. What is the CHEST?
  2. Why is the CHEST?
  3. What purposes does it serve?
  4. How many applications can it apply to?
  5. How versatile is the CHEST and its applications?


In the search for an alternate fuel source that does not require a fossil fuel that can be used in all of our current life styles.

This form of alternative fuel can be designed specifically for each application, for example; running a Home, an office building or a vehicle the CHEST is a safe alternate fuel source that can be adapted to most any current applications.

Future generations of the CHEST may not even require batteries to start and or run and operate, the CHEST is meant to be a self-sustaining power source as well as a completely self-contained mobile unit that can be moved with you and relocated as needed.


Fossil Fuel powered generators are not new, most all of the current applications in generators are meant to be of a temporary nature and often times not enough electrical generation to handle the entire required load.

With the Chest, most of the current parts (minus the Starter) of this particular generator are off the shelf parts making it easier to service, and all of this was a consideration in its development and design.

It had to function as well as be easily serviced.

Because water is such a powerful source of energy it was a simple choice to use liquid as a form of a power source, and it is only the Master Starter Wheel and starting system that makes this type of breakthrough technology available.


It is my intention to submit this invention to the world and let them decide if they are ready for this type of technology, a safe mobile alternate fuel source, that is a self-sustaining, and a self-contained mobile electrical system.

Detailed Description;

The CHEST which stands for Complete Hydro-Electric Sustainable Technology is a breakthrough in safe electrical generation, by using simple liquids and along with pressure and volume to generate electricity without the use of a fossil fuel.

This type of technology can be used in most any capacity where fossil fuel is required, because of the vastness of this particular way of generating electricity there is virtually no end to what can be done with this technology.

The CHEST is a step-up process proving, so that even the smallest of generators can be used to start and run without using fossil fuels. (step-up process, see the electrical section)

What makes this work without fossil fuel is The Master Starter Wheel system a separate part yet completely tied to one another, the entire process is predicated on the Master Starter Wheel being properly sized and the type needed prior to start up and retrofit with the right Master wheel, pump, nozzle and required liquid to accomplish the desired rpms.

There will be several different models, residential and commercial applications alike and though different uses it is the same technology, future models can be started and ran without the use of batteries in some applications as require

Using a 100-amperage home size generator with up to date off the shelf equipment works currently as follows;

Stage one: This model MMI2015 starts with the use of a battery bank of 8, 12-volt batteries wired in series to create 48vdc. That will energize a 12000kw inverter/charger capable of generating 80 plus amps and 230vac.

The inverter/charger will start a continuous heavy-Duty belt driven motor and a high-pressure water pump, the motor and pump are matched to each other by the pump manufacturer guaranteeing that their pumps will perform with this motor and can sustain enough pressure and volume to run continuously.

In this application, water is the propellant or fuel and is placed in the reservoir which will provide the water/fuel required to turn the Generator Number One fast enough to generate electricity.

Water is used in this application, but almost any viscous liquid could be used providing the necessary pumps, motors and nozzles are changed to adapt to the new liquid.

The number 0ne belt driven Motor pump combination will start which in turn will pull liquid from the reservoir and send liquid to the Master Starting Wheel System, the water in this case acting as a fuel will propel the Master Starter Wheel fast enough to start and maintain the speed to the Main Generator Motor.

Stage two:  The Main Generator will provide power to pump number two, it is a continuous heavy-duty belt driven motor and pump combination that will take over the duty of Pump Number One.

As Pump Number Two reaches full rpms to match the speed and pressure of pump number 0ne, it will then allow pump number one to shut down while pump number two continues to run the Generator Number One.

It is also possible to use liquids besides water such as, glycol, refined vegetable oil, refrigerant oil, etc. as the propellant or fuel.

The Master Starting Wheel System capable of achieving these results is of course the key, as it can be upsized, downsized and reconfigured to adapt to the harshest environments, to the various liquids available and still be capable of achieving the desired results.

This is a work in Harmony, once the unit is tuned it can sustain long term electrical needs, it can be and should be serviced regularly to retain optimal benefits.