I should explain my definition of an invention versus an idea before we get started, it’s quite simple really, if you have built it, it’s an invention, and if you haven’t built it, then it’s an idea, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a patent or that it shouldn’t be kept secret, it’s just not physical yet

I realize everyone has their interpretations once they see what you are offering, but for now these ideas/inventions in my opinion are or should be our future, I also believe there is a time and place for everything and that the light comes on when it’s needed.

We have so many college students and graduates looking high and low for solid ways to use their skills, and from here on and to the end of this writing it offers that and much more.

I could write 200 pages or more just on the topics that follow, I am keeping everything brief to make it easier to understand and even the short version will be hard for most, no insults intended.

I do believe, that if there is a flaw in any of this it would be “intentions” mine are for the betterment of mankind, and if everyone’s intentions were the same there would be no worry.

It will also help to understand how I see myself, a problem solver or if you prefer a solution person, I don’t create problems I eliminate them by offering solutions that you may not have thought about or couldn’t put it into words.

I have been told by past colleague’s not to share, not to tell the world, but to find an investor and build them myself, and so I have tried that several times and without fail the person with the money immediately wants to take over, they get greedy and want it all, needless to say I was forced to move on keeping the ideas in tow.

The person who reads and sees my drawings will hopefully understand how to build a small portion of what is in my head, I personally think of all of these ideas as simple solutions to a sometimes very large problem.  

My thoughts are simple enough, it’s like watching the movie “robots” where the little robot hears someone say “see a need, fill a need” and that’s how I like to see myself.

As an example, so you’re not confused as to what I am saying, during Bill Clintons inaugural speech on the day he was sworn in, he said, and I quote, “if there is anyone out there with ideas about how to solve our economic debt/problem? please contact me, at that moment on my knees just after finishing prayer it came to me.

I heard him say solve a problem, and I said at that split second to the minister who was sitting on the floor with me, I got it, I got the entire program you’re about to read about, right down to the words I am speaking now.

These thoughts I received also inspired a company in every detail, a company that I started and called “A share of the Wealth”, a complete cash business, a Boone to the economy and the work force, and completely opaque in every way, not a pyramid scheme, or multi-level, or binary just real capitalism in full bloom.

I will explain this as we go, but this was an inspiration that was turned into a business, an idea turned into an invention, but again I am a problem solver and all of these following ideas are for you to do with as you will.

I generally name all of my ideas because they are very personal to me, something these so-called investors cannot understand, to me, there like my children, even the ones that may have faults show promise.

As an inventor imagine you meet someone you may have thought you needed, they had it the money and the talk, only to find out that once they show up they immediately want to run the show take over and tell you how to think, never again, and only because they have the money that they believe their smarter than you, and once they understand, they can now do it better than the inventor. NOT!

The reason for this paper is to show everyone that living in fear of change doesn’t have to mean everything must go before we can build new, that just isn’t true and, in this paper, you will be able to see that for yourselves, that a good idea in my mind encompasses the entire picture and the changes are gradual and include everyone involved, it includes the present and moving towards the future at the same time.

I have to give examples for you to follow since I have been told I speak above everyone’s head, as another example, you’ll read about an invention I have built and ran, but haven’t finished due to lack of funds again.

The C.H.E.S.T. is one of those examples that is drawing a great deal of attention and controversy across our country, and that is, about eliminating, “fossil fuels” The Chest is my version of how to eliminate fossil fuels without the destruction of our infrastructure.

As I have said I am a problem solver, I don’t believe in complete destruction when a remodel is all you need, and that everything and everyone has to be considered before exposing the change or the idea.

When college educated people look at what you have their immediate take is “that’s impossible” and again education takes a back seat to imagination and creativity something I have found that is missing in Washington.

Our government is not capable of change without destruction, they are not inspiring nor were they meant to be, they themselves are drowning in their little boxes and bleeding us at every turn.

We the people have the ideas and energy to make all the changes necessary for our daily lives and our children’s futures, the problems we might solve by having our own board or committee that listens and moves on things that will benefit mankind, our mankind and work closely with government.

I believe we are in a quagmire because we fight change, but in looking at all the changes we couldn’t do without like electric lights, another change that was fought against by the whale oil companies looking out for themselves rather than our future.

Now fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses, auto pollution etc. etc. etc. you know the list of things we want to eliminate, the ideas I can have implemented and injected into our lives slowly as to eliminate panic and change.

We don’t have to lose jobs or incomes we can move into another way of life without panic, but with unity and knowing that no one is eliminated or left out to dry. When one door closes another door opens and when opportunity is being given with love it is a blessing.  

As history has provided us with real examples of change like electricity or planes trains and automobiles, we have to change or die on the vine, imagine if we stayed with whale oil for lighting, by now we would be scouring the world over for the last whale.

So, let’s say hypothetically that my solutions work, not just one, but all five of them and let’s say that the chest and eliminating fossil fuels gets implemented tomorrow, well, according to the brainy-acts our world as we know it would be devastated.

That most certainly would happen as well, if you scare them, but, if considering all of those involved and integrating the changes slowly, stealthily, methodically and without pause everyone that had a job would still have a job plus the need for a whole lot more and even re-educating in the current ranks.

But, go running down the streets screaming the sky is falling these days and people don’t bother looking up, instead they move as far away from that person as possible, that is if ignoring them doesn’t work.


Further along as this all starts to come together and hopefully makes sense; I feel you will see and understand a little of what I see for our today and tomorrow, and if that is possible, then you can see we will all be just fine only better off.

I have been stabbing holes in the sky with this talk, each idea/invention comes with instructions, and whether or not you choose to believe that this is entirely possible is up to me and the way I tell it, my wife said to “tell it from my heart” you can only hope they can see and understand, but you can’t be wrong that way.

I am incorporating pictures for those of you that are more visual, and also my best explanation of each course of action or direction, you can decide if I am off my rocker or right on time for the future.

It’s a tall order to eliminate fossil fuels, bring the world together, and stimulate the economy at the same time, you can decide that for yourself at the end, I personally find this the most exciting thing I have ever seen or heard of to this very date.

Let’s start with my first invention I called “the Macramé Ease board” and we’ll work our way up to the present, keeping in mind that I said previously if you see a need and you can fill it why wouldn’t you.

 Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

 Currently we have

Currently we have

 The laser cannons

The laser cannons

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