Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar

These would appear to be just that and for the best they are just a brick and mortar, but they are not, these will be failing businesses or closed businesses that need an injection of funds and people to run them.

A share of the Wealth will purchase these businesses as it is required, re-open the ones that are closed into something new perhaps, and contract and transform the ones that are failing and still functioning.

The afore mentioned corner that helps to educate and train people, can also populate these newly renovated businesses and inject the right individuals and then fully monitor them for success.

Each of these businesses will pay their own overhead such as, labor, parts and supplies, and the remainder of the funds will go directly into the same pot as mentioned before.

These businesses will range from real estate to diners and anything in between depending on the individuals graduating, unlike private or public schools these will be more than just placement or on the job training businesses, these will be viable businesses and will provide permanent income for those that qualify if they so choose.

It is my belief that there are many qualified and talented people around each city and state without a platform, individuals that are or were hungry to show what they have to offer.

Most businesses fail due to lack of traffic, but belonging to an organization that is rewarded for spending and dedicated to everyone’s success, and why you might ask?

Because you’re buying from yourself and for yourself, and what does this mean, it really means you’re paying yourself to eat or buy clothes or lawn mowers, this is a body within a body with invisible boundary lines and as long as you swipe your card the percentage goes once again into the pot for disbursement.

Do you have to always buy withing the confines of the organization? Certainly not, we don’t want a business to go out of business we just want to be competitive.

If you buy three lawn mowers for example just buy one from the organization you belong to, and the same goes for hamburgers, cars, or homes, you can see the list, and because each pod can only hold 10 million people that leaves a lot of room for new businesses to crop up.

Finally, the real reason for this was to show how to pay the government debt off without raising taxes or bleeding the people more than they do already, and the underlying plan was to allow people to have Healthcare at a reason able cost and not have to pay directly out of your current income.

Having been overseas multiple times, I have seen socialism and communism first hand, and I have talked in length to several of the elderly and younger alike, in Kiev for instance the older people wanted democracy and the younger wanted the opposite, socialism or communism for them so they didn’t have to work.

In Shanghai business owners couldn’t own their business they leased it, the pound of flesh they had to pay left the with very little, their apartments probably built by the Russians after WWII were anything but nice.

Americans would have a hard time living in a shoe box where the sinks in your home are just big enough to get your hands in them, and only one person in any room at any given time, this is where two is too many, and I believe the kitchen for example was about 4 feet by 8 feet with a small bed in it, your sink, storage, and refrigerator (I am talking tiny) and a family lives in them.

We couldn’t live that way now that we are spoiled rotten Americans, and even those that live on the streets here have it 100 times better than those individuals in those countries, Kiev even has feral children. (HELLO!!)

There were obvious concerns as to what I would do with all that money if I ran this like a regular business, and if each pod is capable of a minimum of 6.4 billion dollars each, times three, well I say that’s too much for one person and besides I would have to change the name to, how to get stinking rich. (No Thanks)

I fully understand poverty, as well as how you have to elevate yourself to the next levels with hard work, education and sheer determination, you can wait for a handout there’s a lot of that going around, I see and hear that some are just waiting for good ole mom and dad to push off.

A lot of these people are spoiled beyond repair, look at Hollywood buying their children’s way into the future, they don’t want work for it, they want it given as though they’re intitled, I just hope the parents don’t buy them a doctor’s license.

We are running short on older WWII veterans and when they’re gone it will feel like the last whale or the last of a species, they set the bar high for their children and life was really tough back then, but the values instilled from the 50’s and beyond were to hold down a job save as much as you could and do for your kids that which wasn’t done for them. No ambition, no drive, no desire to anything but wait for the inevitable.

This isn’t about all that anyway it’s an opportunity to see where I am coming from and why this program is so important, on the following pages I will show you how I was going to attempt to show you the true function of this program.

My limited thinking capacity told me that a large sum of money would be needed to implement this program into existence, but quite a few of the necessities or qualifications are already in place, to many homeless, to many unemployed that have already become complacent, empty buildings and businesses all these areas are ripe for the opportunity.

A Share of The Wealth was never meant for anything other than putting some expendable cash in your pocket, and giving a hand-up to the downtrodden and people that still have hope, and without it causing any more than a hick-up to the rest of America.

The initial cost for joining this organization is or was only $359.00 for a year’s membership, to level the playing field the price you start with will remain the same until such time as you might leave your membership behind, quit, get fired or just retire, as long as you’re in good standings when open enrollment comes by you will be offered first choice.

This will of course be offered through your employment, where the employer can purchase them for you and then keep them if you leave that employ, that card would be cancelled and replaced with a new card with a different number and at the new price if it has gone up at that time.

As mentioned previously there will be moments of open enrollment for new businesses, and if you remember the main qualification is that you’re working, this is not a welfare program, an unemployment business or an I don’t have anything to do but give you money business.

This is the people’s business.


Healthcare and prescription drugs, another benefit and of course I researched this a great deal and actually talked with Chemical Manufacturing Companies in South America that claim they can produce anything we currently buy here in America from other countries at a fraction of the cost.

I have also had contact with other business in California that offered the same low prices as South America for prescription drugs, as well as long discussions about smaller individual health insurance companies and their actuaries, they all agreed and said at the time, that if they are guaranteed 30 million customers that the prices would be staggeringly low.

With thirty Million people (unheard of) buying the same health insurance, a blanket could then be set across America where the non-participating people would have access to healthcare at such a low price it’s unheard of, the mention of as little as $85.00 a month for elderly, disabled, and helpless.

In the diagram that follows I believe it the best way to understand what and how a share of the wealth works, this theatrical set up is a hands-on fun night, that by the end of the evening you should be so well versed you’ll be able to pass it along to others, and if you didn’t understand everything you might have other issues.

It starts with exactly 500 hundred people; look at the diagram to see the set-up, it’s supposed to represent a four-city block area, all the tables and seats are predisposed with several paddles with the names of businesses and products you would like to purchase, each paddle will have a product name (for example) new car, a price let’s say $24000.00 and 10% off the top or $2400.00 which is going to the designated bank in that corner where you placed the paddles.

At each city block there will be a bank, and at the given time, all five hundred people would take their paddles and go shopping for whatever they might like, a car, a house, a pool, a restaurant even a bicycle etc. Once you’re done spending, you’ll return to your original seats collect the paddles and take them to the individual banks.

These four banks will take their deposits to the main bank, at the head of the city where the accounting and fiduciaries firms will check the numbers, when these firms have completed the count for accuracy the main bank will then disperse the cash accordingly.

If it’s done right everyone should receive up to $ 1200.00, and each person should be versed well enough to make an informed decision about actually joining, keep in mind these are businesses invited to help see how to expand their business, the general public or employees will receive a video from their employer to take home and watch, it will explain everything and they’ll be able to see the taping of one of the shows.

The simplest example is the best and this little theater is too simple not to understand, the reality that you could have been buying for yourself and from yourself along will sink in and you’ll wonder why this hasn’t been done before.

Truth be told we need small business to survive and since this will not be a complete blanket over a city, the 10 million people will be spread over several states allowing small and large cities alike.

When you see the drawing on the next page you will get a better feeling for what it’ll looks like, a pod may cover parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana etc. at the magic number 10 million the pod will close enrollment.

These could be considered regions South, North and mid-west, all businesses in each state will not be included in the initial enrollment, and after the three pods are complete an open enrollment will be set up for other businesses as well as the private sector.

Either way everyone in America will benefit, economic stimulation without inflation will begin, businesses will flourish whether in the pod or not, new unexpected taxes will be generated and earmarked for our national debt.

 Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

 Currently we have

Currently we have

 The laser cannons

The laser cannons