My first real invention

My first real invention

Macramé ease

I was working in a hospital while going to college, I was assigned to the quadriplegic and Paraplegic ward, all I could think of when I saw these wonderful people, is what can I do to help, they that had all been in some type of accident.

They were left paralyzed and being flipped like pancakes three or four times daily, after a few days I saw one thing that I could do to help, not in the short term like being an orderly though, but for tomorrow and the next day and that’s where the idea came from.  

The Macramé board was a board made with a cork face for using pins and an arm that could be raised as needed depending on what you wanted to make, at that time and date macramé was quite common and quite popular.

This board came with instructions of how-to macramé flower pot holders, the pinning board came with instructions as well with how to make bracelets and watch fobs etc., finally something they could do with their hands, feel creative and useful for a change even a little hopeful that they could do something.  

I built it, used it, and found it pretty cool, it wasn’t getting rich that motivated me it was making something that had a purpose, of course I sought out an investor from lack of funds and started the long process of marketing it.

And, half way into the process the investor decides he doesn’t need the inventor, but then at that very time Singer disputed my invention, stating that some of the moving parts I designed looked too much like the parts on their sewing machines.

With the dispute, my investors said they would not take on Singer and any further risk and that was the end of my first attempt, you see, I wasn’t born wealthy, what I was born with was creativity and when you have that without funds all you have is a good idea.

That’s why I build prototypes whenever possible, investors are very visual, they themselves had very little imagination so seeing a working model was necessary to secure any type of funds.

The prototypes can be very expensive and until you are in the right position to ask for financial assistance one could go broke building the first working model, that is not taken into consideration by the investors, they just want bottom line and as soon as possible.

This first invention set me straight about investors, but inventors invent because they have to, not because of someone with money, besides this has happened to me almost every time, I get creative and build a prototype and the search begins for the elusive dollar.

The investor comes along finally, and when you’re without means and anxious you don’t hear the desperation in their words, the excitement of finally finding someone with your desire to see the product out is over-whelming, and the desperation in your own self allows you to miss all the signs your investor displays.

There are stages to look for before saying yes, but for the best part you just say yes, let’s go, let’s getter done, but it has never failed so far, the moment you start accomplishing the task at hand, seeing real progress, a real product forming and taking shape the excitement builds.

Then one day in the not-so-distant future, your investor, friend, partner and good ole boy decides they know more than you, that very person who has never had an original idea of their own all of a sudden knows everything.

They are no longer the investor, but that unwanted partner that knows it all, in fact they don’t need or want you anymore, and that has happened to me three times.

So, here I am and now I am going to give this information away and we’ll see how smart people really are, and don’t think I haven’t written at least two President’s the first was President Clinton and the second President Trump. (No Answers of course)

I know what you’re thinking, no one can do all that or they would be running our country, well my weakness is I am not a businessman, I am an Author Artist and inventor and like all inventors and artist they go broke without the help of others.

Later as I explain and show you how to build each invention, you will see the pattern emerge where the inventor (me) buys all the material to build each invention, pays for and builds the invention and then the task starts of looking for money to finally engineer properly based on facts and produce the product to a more marketable finished product.

Each and every idea/invention is designed to fill a specific need, our country is looking for alternative fuels, ways to stimulate the economy, some way to bring other countries together on a level playing field, a way to get rid of all trash everywhere without pollution and finally what to do with fossil fuels as the need lessens.

I used the word finally above, but it is never final really, inventing to me is like art there is always something to draw and I know that my blessings have not stopped here, today we solve one problem and tomorrow another will appear waiting for a solution and I believe that is the way of it.

As a result of these continual disappointments and of course my age, it appears to be necessary to share this information with the world rather than shock everyone the wrong way with a new device that could change our world overnight.

Now someone with money can build these and have them manufactured.

It is also possible that I am ahead of my time, and it wouldn’t be the first time that I have been accused of that, some of the ideas you’ll read about came about in the 70’s, a good idea is a good idea no matter when it comes about, it’s to go without saying this is a prime time for these ideas today.

Earlier I mentioned “see a need and fill it” and that’s what I have done with these ideas, politicians have been arguing about eliminating pollutants from our world for years, and that is what I believe I am attempting to accomplish along with helping to stabilize our economy and our futures.

You cannot turn your television on without hearing buzz words like, greenhouse gas emissions, flora-carbons being released into the atmosphere tearing holes in our ozone.

Whether or not that is true, for sure and for certain our populations are growing and along with that grows our problem, I have never professed to be smarter than anyone else, but I do know you can only fill a balloon so far.

Also, I have learned the hard way to stop taking things for granted, to many times I have found myself staring into space like a deer caught in the headlights and just after someone said, I told you so, and who doesn’t hate to hear those words, as a result trust becomes an issue.

I am getting to old and too damn tired to continue the fight on my own, this last invention has cost me three years of my life after I had built the prototype in my garage, once I finished building the CHEST, I was too excited to start it, but my wife was afraid of me starting it in our garage, she is like, what will it do? Can it blow up? Can it start on fire?

Well, needless to say I didn’t push the button, but building on this invention day in and day out for a year, and all of a sudden there it is standing there waiting to run, and along came an investor partner at that very time

Of course, I didn’t start it in my garage instead I moved it to another location (mistake) and picked up an investor partner (stupid) and three years later my invention laid in parts all over the floor so the partner could understand how I did what everyone said couldn’t be done.

Build an electric generator that ran on water, later I will explain that process in detail along with pictures, I won’t get the credit for the devise, but it is my hope that it will get produced.

Here is what I know about inventing, if you tell someone, like my wife for instance that does not understand technology, (that’s not possible is it), when you talk to an engineer over the phone trying to find out if what they have will work in that particular application.

You have to give enough information to get your answer, but never enough to give the farm away, the common question is, what is your power source? How many pounds of torque does your power source provide?

Needless to say, I was buying off the shelf getting what they offered and not what I needed, and with the limited information I was able to give, they too said it’s not possible. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many inventors were considered crazy trying to create something that can’t be done, remember inventors think in “What If’s”.

I will get into this more when I am explaining how the CHEST works, but for now I am sharing a glimpse of my vision, and what I am saying about all of my original ideas is that they were meant to be a solution for a specific problem.

If we as inventors listened to the doubtful naysayers we would still be living in the dark, and while I am not a licensed engineer, I was considered by my former boss a chief engineer himself, a field engineer, and I was trusted with multiple contracts worth tens of millions of tax dollars.

Now, let’s just suppose that one of my “ideas” work, well the ones that can grasp what I am about to say will truly be the next superpower, but know this: I said I was a true problem solver and I didn’t create a single invention without seriously considering all the ramifications.

Unlike our government that created or had someone create the atomic bomb, well it served its purpose, but now we have nuclear power as a result and what really happens to the waste? I mean really!

Something so volatile that could turn our world into a wasteland and our oceans into swamps, so I guess the five p’s work, proper planning prevents piss-pour projects.

It’s good to know I am not like that as you’ll see, since I do not believe in building something that will hurt others, instead I look way down the road to make certain it’s a solution not a problem within the solution as I just mentioned above.

Our country has been here for a while and I hope it’s here to stay, but change is inevitable, and if you have to completely destroy something first well then, we are in trouble, I mean who wants to turn off the power while waiting for your generator to arrive?

The answer; no one, and that’s understandable.

Imagine a different power source for instance that does not run on a fossil fuel, it’s like “What the?” so, what you hear is that it would devastate our world, bring us to our knees destroy our economy and the worlds too.

Something I personally do not want to do or believe, what I believe is that everything has its time, and as long as it is introduced slowly stealthily with all of the parties taken into consideration there does not have to be any panic.

In fact, you can even let them know that with this change there will be more security, more opportunity for advancement, see, we’re talking expansion not down-sizing, raises, growth, advancement, education anything but down-sizing.

As I explain my ideas/inventions you will see that I have taken almost everything into consideration I could think of right down to each individual and their needs, of course if this story actually reaches out to enough people maybe they’ll be interested enough to ask how that’s possible.

Maybe they’ll read my plans over and over until they understand each one and see, this is no threat, rather this is just a different direction with instructions, and without harm to anyone or anything it’s all in the presentation.

I have explained my program called A Share of the Wealth to countless individuals and not one single person didn’t like the concept, in fact it was met with great enthusiasm, it sounded wonderful yet no one could grasp its true function, it is very complexed as you will soon see, yet well worth it.

We are going to cover five specific areas with my ideas, ideas inventions, inventions ideas, what are they? They’re all the same to me, but if it’s not at least on paper and there are no specifics it’s an idea, and an invention is something with substance, such as a drawing that reaches its conclusion, but that’s how I see it.

I have been to several invention clubs that pop up from time to time, places where people go to share their ideas if they so choose, well when I get an idea, I get it all, the drawings, schematics as needed, along with a set of instructions.

Others I meet at these gatherings have wonderful ideas but either they have no drawing ability, or even worse no concept of how to build it, yet they act like they know it all, I know it’s because they’re not sure of themselves and they’re also afraid someone might poke fun at them.

I have actually had people come to my home to show me their invention just to get my opinion, they walk in without a plan, a piece of paper, or an idea of how to build it they just have a thought.

I take the time to listen, only to find out they came to me so I could build it for them, draw their idea out so that others can see what their thinking, Hello! I do not profess to be a smart man, but the truth is I am not able to help and still have time for my own, and the ones I did help have never been back.

A Share of the wealth is a very complexed program, but that’s where we are going to start at, if you get bored reading and fall asleep, don’t worry you can always start again.

 Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

 Currently we have

Currently we have

 The laser cannons

The laser cannons

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