A Share of the wealth; Introduction

A Share of the wealth; Introduction

I can only say; WoW!! What a program, it’s far more than a program it’s one potential solution to a widely discussed array of troubles, ASOTW was really designed to pay for healthcare without it costing an arm and a leg.

Let’s face it, if the government comes up with a program you can bet the farm that you will pay one way or another, ASTOW incentivizes private health care to stay private, that’s very important for everyone’s best possible care. 

I was actually in a prayer meeting at my pastor’s house when President Bill Clinton came on the quiet tv over in the corner, we turned it up for a moment when he was accepting his first term as President.

At the end of his speech, he said to the public to come forward if anyone had ideas of what to do with our economy, in that very second A Share of The Wealth was born and not just an idea, but everything right down to the handouts.

This is a business for the people, it’s an opaque money business, all products will be handled by other contractors and or companies, the only product that passes through ASOTW to the banks is cash.

To me economic stimulation 101, put the money into the hands of those that will spend it, offer it as an appreciation for doing a good job, and now as a potential investor into your company you both have a mutual respect for each other. 

Of course, I did some research later and found out that one of our countryman Huey Long started “share the Wealth’ in February of 1934 he had plans to start a program taking from the rich and giving to the poor, it is nothing like my program and of course it cannot be run by the government, the government has to many failed attempts to do anything but govern, and that’s a dirty dogfight from 2016 to present 2020.

But this program has it all with absolutely no threat to a living sole, in fact it is so cool that it should have been done long ago, every single person will benefit from this stimulation plan including the government.

Health care for everyone without it costing an arm and a leg, no pre-existing conditions and prescriptions well under the current cost at that time, the talk then was how do we get healthcare to even the unfortunate as well as the general working population.

It was a way for people to have healthcare at literally no out of pocket expense from their personal accounts, and in fact because they’re a participant they will be receiving up to an extra $1200.00 per month of disposable income once the program was up and running.

It had very little overhead since there were only a limited number of staff who would be answering phones, no recordings for clientele, in other words not a conventional business at all, but a completely opaque money business.  

If you can remember back a little it was in the beginning stages of automation when you called a company for questions and what you got was the computer voice, I hated it back then and I don’t like it anymore years later, and that’s why I chose live operators.

So, the only real employees were telephone operators and some management staff that could answer all the questions you could throw at them, and of course they would all be well compensated and treated like royalty with all types of perks.

I always thought the life blood of your company was often decided by the person who answered the phone, their demeanor, their voices and their all-around attitude, and a bad attitude could cost a job or worse maybe their job.

The question remained how do you help everyone at the same time without having to change your job, do something crazy or lean on the government for help, and again A Share of the Wealth covered that area in spades.

Of course, the government makes it even harder by not allowing anyone to give more than $14,000 dollars in a year as a gift, but when you dial it in $1200.00 per month of disposable cash it just so happens to equal $14,000 annually.

There also had to be some cavoites put in place that could stop people from cheating the system, there had to be a way to monitor the program and each and every person so personal information had to be shared and personalized cards who be given to each member.

I put everything into a benefits program that would provide the barer with real life benefits, a way to save money, real travel such as private jets rather than commercial airlines for half the cost and a whole lot less security.

Vacations that not even the rich and famous had, imagine a vacation where you had nothing to worry about, your children (If you have them), your employer, they will even be excited for you, money, nothing is left out including the limo ride to your private jet.

In fact, at the time of its conception there were other programs that offered benefits like USA healthcare for example, and you had to buy the program when you got their insurance or you couldn’t have the insurance, they were not cheap for what you got and certainly not worth the bucks.

So, I changed that and made them into something you could brag on, I spent many days researching and either calling or going from one business to another getting commitments for this special program.

I was met with great enthusiasm by everyone, they were wanting to expand their businesses without it costing an arm and a leg, and here I come walking in and offering them a steady flow of new clients. It’s like having a winning lottery ticket fall into your hands.

Everyone benefited including the government and so far, not one business person has had to lift a finger, it seemed like the perfect business plan and it is, the government received more tax dollars to apply to the nation’s debt they weren’t expecting, and that’s because they never did a thing for those extra dollars,

The 30 million people involved are getting up to $1200.00 dollars a month, and they don’t have to do anything, and if everything worked as planned there was literally something for everyone.

I spent a great deal of time on the healthcare and prescription cost, I met with these different people in California who loved this plan, and the actuaries in the insurances I spoke with were really only worried about numbers.

Insurance companies want assurances that there are going to be so many people in a group in order to bring down cost, when you can offer 30 million people you can just about decide what you want to pay monthly.

Because there would be 30 million people paying for insurance monthly, a broad net could be cast over the entire program and there would be enough money to offer free healthcare for the busted and broken people and very cheap insurance for the elderly.

Plus, a separate fund just to pay Doctors so you don’t get any unwanted bills after your procedure or office visit, we need 100% coverage without pre-existing conditions, lower prescription cost and all without skipping a beat or missing a day’s work. (Expanding across America) with very inexpensive healthcare if at all, who knows maybe the government might subsidize a little.

There are other factors to consider as well that could not be overlooked, the amount of people trying to use the benefits, things that were discussed in length and how these different benefits owners would have to diversify and share their wealth meaning clients with other like businesses.

I tried to not leave anything to the imagination, and after working hard my entire life, I can only say that I would have loved to have this kind of a benefit program when I was in the workforce.

You see, I personally find work, diversity and struggle is what builds character and without that we end up with no real way of understanding what it takes to provide for a family or how hard it is to make a living.

Currently we have a former vice-president being accused of using government assets to pave the way for his son, if that’s true then we are in trouble, because there are no checks and balances and how many times has that happened.

That’s exactly why this could never be a government ran business, our politicians have too many freedoms already, after all when you can fly your Family around in air force one for personal business, we as a people have to be concerned.

We have to discuss this since we’re talking economic stimulation 101, the elimination of waste and over spending by the privileged, when that happens like I mentioned above and multiply those times the number of privileged using our system to their advantage it’s time for them to leave, they have broken the trust of the people.

I am not a politician as I have said and perhaps in another paper, I’ll be able to share all of the things I know about government waste and over-spending, but for now I am trying to illustrate that this program has no head and no tail just you as a body with legitimate monitors for checks and balances.

While I was building this program, I met with several attorneys and accounting firms, and before the program could even start there had to be fiduciaries, banks accounting firms and legal attorneys in place for monitoring and for more checks and balances.

You see I didn’t even want to trust myself with that kind of money, I had to take it out of the control of man and put it into a completely unemotional machine, so, the computers are the bosses and the only thing they require is input, repairs and or replacements keeping overhead to a minimum.

Since this is no more than a benefits program that has “incidental cash benefits” as one of the many wonderful benefits, and also since the organization itself does not carry any product, overhead and waste has basically been eliminated and the only real overhead would be necessary contracted phone operators and maintenance people as required and with a small management contingent to keep things running smoothly.

So, you can see so far with even limited information to this point that it is not a get rich scheme, but a possible way to answer the cry of the people of how to afford paying for healthcare, and again answer the call of the people as to how to start paying off our national debt without it coming out of our pockets directly.

In the diagrams, brochures and drawings that follow, you will see that I had to form a way to introduce this program to the general population, leaving me to find locations that could hold 500 people at a time and sit up the little four city block area that you’ll see in the diagram that follows that will have everyone participate in an evening of fun and excitement.

By the end of the evening, hopefully everyone will be versed enough to tell five or ten others, you see it’s not enough to just sit and find benefits, sell the package to employers make some money and then move on, that’s what scammers do.

We may not have a lot of benefits, but the ones we do have will be wonderful and as more and more companies pop up wanting your business, we will glean the field and add only real benefits.

Here is an example of what I consider a good benefit for being a member in good standings, let’s assume the computer chooses you for a vacation; well hang on for a cool experience!

The first thing that happens is that you are notified of course and your personal information will be up-loaded, your employer will be notified and your children’s teachers if it applies, everyone involved will know you have been given an all-expense all-inclusive paid vacation.

What does that mean, if your employer is willing, we will substitute your incomes arrange everything so there will be no worries on your part, in fact you’ll be given a check list so you know all is well before leaving.

Ladies take your make-up bag, take hold of your family’s hands, and leave your clothes behind and everyone will be picked up in a private limo, you’ll be treated as royalty for that week and want for nothing.

You’ll be taken to an all-inclusive resort of your choice where everyone will be pampered, with spas, clothes, food, travel, amenities even haircuts, and for one week of your life you will be spoiled rotten and everyone will be happy for you.

I don’t believe anyone should live that way all the time, but for a week, wow, how cool and refreshing it would be to sit the world down at the door and love life for a week, that one experience would be a life changer and a real motivator that would last forever.

Again, there is no real head and no real tail just a body, this is anything in the world but a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme, money comes in and gets distributed monthly and the overages left are used for things like the vacations, and numerous other giveaways.

In the beginning I mentioned I was a problem solver, well, when the question is being asked how will we pay off the national debt and how do we pay for healthcare without it actually coming out of our pocket.

This little program will spawn multiple businesses, stimulate the economy, by simply turning your employees into investors, imagine you have ten employees receiving $1200.00 extra dollars monthly just because they are working for you.

They now become an investor and I am certain will be buying your product as well regardless of what that may be i.e., a car dealer, an air conditioning company a grocery store, you know the list it’s everyday stuff we use or need, and again no threat to anyone.

There have to be simple rules in place for instance an employer can purchase the amount of benefit programs to offer to his employees, he can pay for them and distribute them accordingly, if you leave that employer under bad circumstances or fired for whatever reason the program stays with the employer but is no long an active membership, and you will be at the peril of waiting for open enrollment.

Enough of the vacation stuff there is a lot of ground to cover and this is just one of the benefits, as I said they will change as needed to accommodate the end user, I think I just like talking about it.

Let’s discuss the crutches of the program to see if you can keep up, and we’ll start by explaining this isn’t just a benefits program, the benefits are wonderful, but if that’s all it was it would be very sad indeed.

 Sooner than later is best

Sooner than later is best

 Currently we have

Currently we have

 The laser cannons

The laser cannons


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